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Brewing 101 - Everything but Espresso


Brewed coffee – the new movement beyond Espresso. Throughout the past decades everything and everyone – well almost, anyway - in the „coffee-universe“ seemed to revolve around espresso and it's various manifestations: hi-tec, sophisticated machines, bottomless portafilters, triple-ristrettos and whatnot else. But recently we see a new trend – I'm not (yet) calling it a „hype“ - to brewed coffee, carefully brewed coffee, that is...

Old school and newly developed methods are complimenting each other and forming a new trend. What they all have in common are the tireless and great efforts of the proponents of this movement to bring out the particular characters of the carefully roasted, stellar coffees and have them „shine“ in the cup.

Get to know old school and new brewing methods and/or perfect your own method. Grant yourself a day with exceptional coffees, experiment with historical and up to date brewing methods aside from the espresso machine. Learn to estimate the influence of grind (and grinder), temperature, dose, extraction time and brewing method to the result in your cup of coffee and develop an understanding for the connections.


Using the renowned Marco Über-Boiler*) and Über-Grinder we experiment and gather experiences with the following brewing-methods:

  • Ibrik/Cezve
  • Karlsbader Kanne
  • French Press
  • VacPot/Balance-Brewer
  • Napoletana/Mokka/Cafetiere
  • Handfilter/Goldfilter
  • Aeropress®
  • Chemex®
  • Hario Woodneck®

Learn how to evaluate the extraction yield using a refractometer & ExtractMoJo® Software. You will get a copy of Scott Rao's newest book „Everything but Espresso“ as a guideline for the workshop and for further reference (included in the course fee).

Date: On request

Marco Uberboiler

*) The Marco Über-Boiler is a "state of the art" device to deliver a certain amount of hot water at a precisely defined temperature. Integrated scales and timer enable efficiently the necessary control over all brewing parameters.

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